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MLTECH , your top quality slip ring choice .

Q & A

MLTECH , your top quality slip ring choice .


What do most slip ring users ask MLTECH?

General Frequently Asked Questions

Where does MLTECH produce products?

MLTECH is made in Taiwan.

Do you offer discounts?

We do offer occasional discounts for MLTECH members and better deals for frequent user.

Where is my order?

If you are a MLTECH member, you can track your order status anytime on MLTECH account website anytime, when you have your order paid.

Does MLTECH do custom made slip rings?

Yes, MLTECH does offer custom made service for customers’ slip ring needs.

What is the lifetime of MLTECH slip ring?

Depending on the slip ring you use, the environment you place your slip ring, and the usage of your slip ring, the lifetime varies. For detail information, please contact us at technicalsupport@maitlandtech.com.

Can MLTECH slip rings be repaired?

MLTECH slip rings are structurally integrated slip rings, thus cannot be opened and do not need maintenance. If MLTECH slip ring is broken or burned during usage, It needs to be replaced.

Are MLTECH slip rings waterproof/dustproof?

Yes, MLTECH slip rings offer limited dust and condensation protection. All MLTECH slip rings satisfy IP51 rated standard. For enhanced waterproof/dustproof requirements, please contact us at technicalsuport@maitlandtech.com for more information.


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