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MLTECH , your top quality slip ring choice .

Q & A

MLTECH , your top quality slip ring choice .


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Have a question regarding shipping?

When will my order ship?

You will receive a shipping confirmation and details after payment confirmed. Please ensure your name and order number are stated on the ordering form. See your order confirmation email for this number.

When will my products arrive?

You can check your order-status on your membership order page for details.

How are my products shipped?

MLTECH ship all products via air freight/express for international shipping and optional local logistic companies for domestic shipping.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping charge varies based on individual user’s location and the total purchased products.

What method is used for shipping?

MLTECH offers flexible shipping options, depending on individual user’s need. Please do let us know your preference and shipping location for us to offer you a suitable shipping method.


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