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MLTECH , your top quality slip ring choice .

Q & A

MLTECH , your top quality slip ring choice .


MLTECH account members do get the benefits of receiving MLTECH points for every purchase they make with their account.

General MLTECH Point Questions

How do I get MLTECH Points?

For every purchase you make online with your MLTECH membership account, you will receive 1 unit MLTECH point for every USD$100.00 of your purchase.

How do I use MLTECH points on my purchases?

MLTECH account members are allowed to use MLTECH points for any of their next purchases.
Every 1 unit MLTECH point = USD$1.00 off.

Do MLTECH points expire?

No, as long as your account exists, your MLTECH points do not expire.

Can I transfer my MLTECH points to another account?

No, MLTECH points cannot be transfered to another account for usage. MLTECH points can only be used with the account they resisted.

Can I use the MLTECH points for orders without an account?

We recommend you to use your MLTECH points for the registered account. Unfortunately, for orders without membership, we do not offer membership equivalent benefits.

When do I receive MLTECH points?

MLTECH members receive their MLTECH points within 12-24 hours after payment confirms.


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