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MLTECH , your top quality slip ring choice .

Q & A

MLTECH , your top quality slip ring choice .


Slip rings are application depended, the same slip ring model can have very different lifetime. The lifetime of slip rings varies on their application and environment. The below answers are only for general information. For specific questions, please do contact us at technicalsupport@gmail.com

Technical Questions

How do I choose the right MLTECH slip ring for my application?

Slip ring selection is depended on your application’s usage details, including total required circuit, voltage, current amps, mounting type, operating speed, and usage environmental description. MLTECH’s standard slip ring models cover general slip ring usage for you to discover. If you don’t know what to look for, ask our support team, we are here to assist you.
If you have special requirements that standard models do not satisfy, contact us for your needs!

How to mount a slip ring?

Mounting type varies on your application usage and the selection of your slip ring model.
Below is a series of mounting type in general. If you are unsure of the proper mounting type, please contact our technician for more details!

Besides standard slip ring models, does MLTECH do custom slip rings?

Yes, we do offer custom slip rings for your solution needs. Our technician team will evaluate design feasibility to assist your needs. Please contact us for more details.

Can MLTECH slip ring be repaired?

MLTECH slip rings are structurally integrated slip rings, thus cannot be opened and do not need maintenance. If MLTECH slip ring is broken or burned during usage, It needs to be replaced.

Are MLTECH slip ring waterproof/dustproof?

Yes, MLTECH slip rings offer limited dust and condensation protection. All MLTECH slip rings satisfy IP51 rated standard. For enhanced waterproof/dustproof requirements, please contact us at technicalsuport@maitlandtech.com for more information.

Under what environmental circumstances would I need a rubber cover?

Depending on your application needs, you can apply a rubber cover when needed. A rubber cover is capable of resisting 50% of the liquid/dust splash.

Can I place MLTECH slip rings in a vacuum or negative pressure environment?

No. please do not place MLTECH slip rings in a vacuum or negative pressure environment.

If I dropped my MLTECH slip ring on hard surface, can I still use it?

MLTECH Slip rings adopt fluid seal solution and are incapable of holding physical impact. Thus, please avoid dropping or any other forms of physical impact on fluid seal slip rings.


Can’t find the answers you are looking for? Contact us right away! Our support team is here for you!

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