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MLTECH , your top quality slip ring choice .

Q & A

MLTECH , your top quality slip ring choice .


MLTECH offer users membership option to accumulate purchase record and get benefits for frequent purchase.

  • MLTECH members get MLTECH points for every purchase made.
  • MLTECH members get exclusive discount or promotions.

  • MLTECH members get chances to receive free sample.

Membership Questions

How do I register for membership?

You can register for MLTECH membership by creating an account via MLTECH website.

How to become a MLTECH member?

Once you have created a MLTECH account, you automatically became a MLTECH member. You will be able to accumulate MLTECH points for purchases via your account.

What are the benefits for becoming a MLTECH member?

MLTECH members do get discounts,free samples, event invitations, and more benefits depending on membership level.

Can I still get membership discount for not registering an account for purchase?

Unfortunately, if you choose not to register for an MLTECH membership account for purchase, those purchase points cannot be accumulated.


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